Hardwood Floor Repairs St Andrews

domestic flooring 2Here at Natural Floors UK we can provide people in St Andrews with hardwood floor repairs instead of them having to replace their whole floor. This is a cheaper option for them and the results that can be achieved leave customers amazed.

When we are contacted by people who are looking at having their hardwood floors repaired there are 2 options available to them, one is more expensive than the other but the results we would say outweighs the additional cost:

  • The first way of repairing the floor involves us using filler mixed with fine dust, this is the quicker option but it does have limitations. Adjacent floor boards can expand and cause the filler to crack and fall out. This option may also look dirty and the colour rarely matches even though we do use the same species of dust and when the floor is finished the eye can be attracted to the filled areas.
  • The second option is a more professional repair where the damaged area is cut out and is replaced with a new section of floor. Although it is more time consuming and difficult it is very effective.


Above we have spoke about the two different ways we can carry out hardwood floor repairs for people in St Andrews. If you are looking for anymore information or if you have any questions then do contact us and we will happily answer them for you.

If you use us to complete your hardwood floor repairs in St Andrews then you can be sure that you will get a professional service from a trusted company.