Floor Sanding Specialists Fife

domestic flooring 2Being established in 1989, we have built up many years experience in all aspects of flooring both domestic and commercial so we would class ourselves as professionals who know exactly what they are doing when it comes to floors. We have people coming to us from Fife and the surrounding areas looking for floor sanding specialists and that is exactly what they get when they come to us.

The reason that we class ourselves as floor sanding specialists is that we have invested in equipment, the atomic dust extractor, which allows us to sand floors without any airbourne dust at all. This machine is an investment which demonstrates how important it is to us that we provide customers with the best job we possibly can. These customers see that we go above and beyond which then leads them to use us again in the future and also recommend us to others.

People in Fife look for floor sanding specialists for many reasons including:

  • to smooth their floor and make it more level
  • to make it look better
  • imperfections can be removed
  • your floor can look like new again


Above are only some of the reasons for having your floor sanded.

As well as floor sanding we also offer other services that you can check out on our website which include repairs and fitting.

So, if you live in Fife or the surrounding areas and you require the service of floor sanding specialists then why not contact us today and speak to one of our friendly staff.